This is a necklace with amazing personality.  I’d done a couple of the Aquamarine necklaces and was thrilled with them, but I had a few good Aquamarines leftover–not to mention this strangely wonderful green centerstone and the funny little green and white cotton ball stone.  I smiled as I put them all together and they turned into what I think is one of the prettiest necklaces I’ve made. Perfect for almost every color type!


Stone List

  • Amazonite   (Brazil)
  • Quartz
  • Twig Pearl
  • Aquamarine   (Brazil)
  • Datolite   (Brazil)
  • Twig Pearl
  • Spudumene   (Brazil)
  • Scolecite & Apophyllite   (India)
  • Twig Pearl
  • Aquamarine   (Afghanistan)
  • Fuschite   (India)