I’m over the moon for this one.  I’ve had these five glittery and beautiful green stones for several months and just couldn’t find anymore stones I liked enough to use to complete this crusty green treasure.  So, when I found the simple bone beads, I decided I’d let my five favorites (and a twig pearl) highlight this yummy necklace and allow the bone beads to fade into the background and finish it off.  One word of advice: the green color of the front stones was REALLY tough to photograph.  If you’re not dazzled by the photo, but green’s your thing, do contact me so we can work out a way for you to see this necklace in person–it’s fabulous!!!!


Stone List

  • Bone Beads    (Africa)
  • Adamite   (Mexico)
  • Twig Pearl
  • Apatite on Matrix   (Mexico)
  • Mica   (Russia)
  • Green Mica
  • Wavelite
  • Bone Beads   (Africa)