I think I mentioned somewhere on this website that I wear every necklace I make to confirm that it hangs correctly and doesn’t scratch, etc.  While I was “test driving” this one, about every other person I ran into admired my beautiful “coral” necklace.  It turns out to be the perfect summer necklace, and it DOES look like coral, but it’s not.  Meet Morocco’s gnarly Aragonite and India’s beautiful cream Zeolites.  I thought they all looked so beautiful and beach-y together that just to seal the deal, I threw in the two fossilized sand dollars.  Happy summer!


Stone List

  • Bone Beads    (India)
  • Fossil San Dollar   (Morocco)
  • Zeolite   (India)
  • Aragonite   (Morocco)
  • Zeolite    (India)
  • Aragonite   (Morocco)
  • Fossil Sand Dollar   (Morocco)