This was a showstopper! It was big, and warm, and wonderful.  A bit larger than some, you’d probably have liked it better on clothes (a fall turtleneck) than on a bare neck with lots of skin showing.  The balance was better.  Just FYI, in my trial wearing, I got about 40 comments from fellow shoppers at a Beverly Hills shopping center.  If you love it, let me know; I now have lots of Amber and Chryophrase on hand to help me emulate this bold beauty.


Stone List

  • Jasper
  • Amber
  • Quartz with Iron
  • Chrysophrase    (Australia)
  • Copal  (Amber)    (Colombia)
  • Ammonite   (Madagascar)
  • Amber
  • Turquoise
  • Ammonite   (Madagascar)
  • Chrysophrase   (Australia)
  • Copal   (Colombia)
  • Ammonite  (Madagascar)