This is a necklace that will be hard to replicate exactly.  I bought the centerpiece brown stone with the pink crystal, then found the fabulous piece of hot pink rodochorosite.  Later, I saw the yellow and pink beauty and so on and so on.  One day when I put them all together, I got this divine parti-colored necklace that literally “turns on” every outfit it’s paired with.  If you’re gnashing your teeth that it’s gone, do contact me.  I’ve started collecting these random colored stones whenever I see them.  So, if you’re lucky,  I may have gathered enough to make you something similar of your very own.


Stone List

  • Ocean Jasper
  • Barite   (Morocco)
  • Amethyst   (Brazil)
  • Barite with Cerussite   (Morocco)
  • Coboltocalcite   (Morocco)
  • Rhodochrosite & Gageite    (South Africa)
  • Vanadinite    (Morocco)
  • Orpiment & Realgor   (Nevada)
  • Mimetite & Wulfenite   (Mexico)
  • Ocean Jasper
  • Amethyst   (Brazil)