About Me

What kind of jeweler makes necklaces out of rocks, you ask? Ah, I answer, the kind lucky enough to have once walked into a very special museum and fallen in love with the phantasmagoria of shapes, colors and textures that are nature’s treasures. I couldn’t afford those museum size “jewels”, but after a few happy months collecting mini-sized versions and seeing how “impactfully” they could be arranged, I made myself a necklace of fossils and small minerals. I loved the gutsy, unique beauty of it and the comforting, substantive feeling of it around my neck. I was bereft, though, once my necklace was finished, and there was no need to continue my treasure hunt in every mineral store I came upon.

And so was born Stone-Hearted Woman. It’s become my mini mineral collection while each stone is in my keeping and necklaces I hope you’ll wear and treasure as much as I do once they’re in yours.

Because this isn’t traditional jewelry made of traditional gemstones, do appreciate that each stone in your necklace has it’s own personality and its own quirks. Wear them with love and treat tenderly. I’ve made them as sturdily as nature would allow me, but clearly, this is not a necklace you can throw around and abuse. If you should have a problem with any stone, do let me know, and I’ll be glad to repair or replace it. You can always find me. I’ll be the woman happily sorting through her treasures at stoneheartedwoman.com