Because this isn’t traditional jewelry made of traditional gemstones, do appreciate that each stone in your necklace has its own personality and its own quirks. Wear them with love and treat tenderly. I’ve made them as sturdily as nature would allow me, but clearly, these are not necklaces you can throw around and abuse. That said, if you should ever have a problem with a stone in one of my necklaces, just let me know, and I’ll be glad to repair or replace it. You can always find me. I’ll be the woman happily sorting through her rockpile at


P.S. Every Stone-Hearted Woman necklace is placed in a protective felt jewelry “roll” that comes tucked in a protective mailing tube. If you prefer, a  beautifully padded, moire silk-lined jewelry roll is also available for purchase ($35).  Your necklace should be perfectly safe rolled up in either protective “nest.”  If you’re traveling, however, you may want to tuck your necklace roll back in its protective tube for safe-keeping in your  luggage.