Order a custom necklace

Happily,  I now have a fairly extensive collection of beautiful stones of every size,  shape and color and will be delighted to discuss using some of them to create a necklace made exclusively for you–and to your specific needs and specifications. Just email me and give me some idea of what you’re interested in.  I’ll get back to you immediately.

Also, after any major gem and mineral show and as my inventory of stones grows, I’ll be including photos of particularly spectacular stones in this area of my website.  Watch for them…perhaps they’ll be the starting point for the custom necklace of your dreams!


While all of my necklaces are, per nature, absolutely one of a kind, there are some that can be somewhat replicated.  For that reason, I’ve decided to move the photographs of necklaces previously sold to this “Custom” section so that future customers will be able to see them and use them for creative inspiration.

Please know, however, that this is a brand new business endeavor.  So, as of Fall, 2013, my entire inventory is available (See  “Shopping Option #1/necklaces currently available) and  NO “sold” items are currently shown here.  As necklaces sell, I will certainly move them here immediately, and you’ll be able to see and request semi-duplications, if they’re at all possible.

View necklaces previously sold